The SGIEM-Dietitians Group is a subgroup of dietitians within the SGIEM. Members are involved in the dietary treatment of patients with inherited metabolic disorders.

Tina Bosshard

Kinderspital Zürich

Camille Descloux

CHUV Lausanne, (enfants)

Susana Fernandez

UKBB Kinderklinik Basel

Stephanie Graf

INSEL Kinderklinik Bern

Stefanie Klein

Unispital Basel

Rosette Lalombongo

CHUV Lausanne (adults)

Kristin Landolt

USZ Unispital Zürich

Daniela Moor

Kinderspital Zürich

Barbara Repond

HUG Unispital Genf

Claudia Salvisberg

INSEL Kinderklinik Bern

Cäcilia Smith

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