About us

Members of the Swiss Centres involved in provision of services for IEM meet formally twice annually. We are concerned with all issues related to IEMs, especially networking of laboratory services and patient management, recommendations regarding newborn screening, development of common approaches to treatment and efforts to guarantee payment of laboratory analyses and special treatment products by health insurance organisations. Since 2004 we have held a half day annual meeting open to a broader group of professionals from Switzerland and neighbouring countries. SGIEM has actively collaborated with KOSEK in the structuring of the IEM care network, which has resulted in the recognition of 4 sites of the Swiss Reference Centre for Rare Metabolic Diseases, complemented by the designation of 2 associated centers, as well as 12 care sites (see the press release on the kosek website)https://www.kosekschweiz.ch/ueber-kosek/medien.

Committee Members


Dr Matthias Gautschi, Bern

Dr Diana Ballhausen, Lausanne


Matthias Baumgartner, Zürich; Susana Fernandez, Basel; Ilse Kern, Genf; Déborah Mathis, Bern; Jean-Marc Nuoffer, Bern (Treasurer); Marianne Rohrbach, Zürich; Christel Tran, Lausanne



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